Logitech's New Circle View Camera Is HomeKit-Exclusive and Privacy-Focused

A photo of the Logitech Circle View smart camera.Logitech

Smart home manufacturers tend to think of HomeKit as an afterthought. Even the most valued HomeKit products feel like they are simply attached to the Apple ecosystem, as they are not official Apple products. Now Logitech goes against the grain with its HomeKit exclusivity Circle View security camera. At $ 160, it’s as close to an official Apple smart cam as you’re going to get.

The Circle view is a refresh of the old Circle 2 smart camera, which supports HomeKit, Alexa and Google Assistant. Like its predecessor, the Circle View records and streams 1080p video with a 180-degree field of view. It has an IR camera for night vision and is weather resistant for indoor or outdoor use.

But Logitech has made serious changes to the shape and function of the Circle camera. The new Circle View camera is built around Apple’s HomeKit Secure Video system, which encrypts and stores video directly to iCloud. Logitech does not have access to your recordings and cannot charge you for a monthly subscription. However, Apple requires that you pay for an iCloud storage plan of 200 GB ($ 3) or 1 TB ($ 10) to use its service with the Circle View camera.

Logitech Circle View photoLogitech

Logitech has also updated the Circle View with some privacy features, such as an on / off LED, an easy-to-reach power button, and a built-in stand that doubles as a sort of lens cap. When you want to physically block the camera lens for complete privacy, you can simply tilt it toward its holder.

And finally, the Circle View sports a new matte black finish and an integrated mountable stand. Unlike its predecessor, the Circle View is only wired and has a non-removable USB power cable.

The Logitech Circle View is available for $ 160 on Logitech and Apples online stores. Again, using it requires an iCloud storage plan of 200 GB ($ 3) or 1 TB ($ 10) instead of the typical monthly fee.

Source: Logitech via MacRumors

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