Make Your Own TARDIS With Even More Free Stuff From 'Doctor Who'

A painting of the fourth doctor from 'Doctor Who' standing under a night sky.
Titan Comics

If your idea of ​​staying at home involves Driving completely and radically in space, then we have good news for you. BBC coupons distribute even more free Doctor Who Things, including another free number from Titan Comics. This time, you’ll get a free Fourth Doctor comic, but that’s not all you can grab.

In the last episode of Geek and Doctor Who, we told you about the Stay in the TARDIS initiative who distributed free comics, audio dramas, etc. Well, the initiative of the soldiers in another week, and there are new free offers to be won.

This time you can grab the first issue of the Titans Comic Fourth Doctor series, this time with more frozen babies. You can also listen to a dubbed free audio drama Burnt earth with Third Doctor and Sarah Jane Smith on YouTube.

If you are looking for Doctor Who themed activities to entertain your children (or let’s be honest yourself), you have a lot of options wimey wibbly timey wimey. There is a kit “make your own Tardis paper” which folds along the dotted lines. You can also have fun with a crossword, a fast labyrinth, and one Thirteenth Doctor coloring page.

And at Doctor Who: Lockdown YouTube channel you will find a fantastic crossover story featuring the fourteen doctors (including the war doctor). It’s a fun way to pass the time, so don’t miss out.

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