Maximize Space in Your Dorm Room with These Simple Tips

Bedroom with bunk beds and a suitcase on wheels sit next to an open window.
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Living in a dormitory has many challenges. You can have noisy neighbors, a difficult roommate or boring rules to follow. But one challenge is universal: not having enough space.

Restricted spaces are difficult to manage (and live in), especially if you are used to your own room or a large house. But there are many advantages to living in a small space. On the one hand, you spend less time cleaning because, well, there is not much to clean! And you will not spend so much money on new things because you have nowhere to say it. Over time, you might even find that you like to live in a small space.

Some good organizing choices can give the impression that a small room is much larger. Here's how to optimize the space in your dormitory or apartment so that it is pleasant, comfortable and clear.

Maximize the vertical space

One of the main challenges of living in a dormitory is that you can not damage it in any way. This usually does not include holes in the walls, so you can not hang the shelves. However, you can still maximize your vertical space in different ways.

Look for stacked shelves and drawers that extend as high as possible. You can also define storage containers on a dresser or on the closet floor. Just make sure everything big is stable – you do not want it to fall on you (or anyone else).

Create a storage under the bed and a bunk bed

The space under your bed is a great place to keep things. You can get bins and drawers specially designed to be placed under a bed. Make sure they are easy to slide so you can reach everything inside.

You can also adjust the height of many dormitories. The more you can raise yours, the more space you have below. You can also buy bed risers to give you more space under the bed.

In addition, if you can overlay your beds, it's a very good hack! It allows you to store the footprint of an entire bed under another and free up space.

Consider a room divider

In addition to a minimum of space, if you have a roommate, the lack of privacy is also a challenge. A partition creates at least a semblance of privacy, and many of them have built-in storage. A library is a nice room divider and can also hold some of your belongings.

Buy a door organizer

Any door in your dorm can become a storage space with a simple suspended organizer. These are hung at the top of the door and are provided with baskets or hooks for shoes, cleaning products or any other object of your choice. It also provides hooks for coats and scarves because, as mentioned earlier, you probably can not pierce the walls.

You use small door organizers on cabinet doors to store smaller items, such as jewelry or toiletries.

Use a shower basket

With a shower basket, you can keep your personal care products organized. If you are lucky enough to have your own shower, hang your shopping cart to save space in the bathroom.

If you have to go to a shared shower, a shower basket allows you to take your things with you, but keep them organized when they are in your room.

Try adhesive storage solutions

To hang objects on the wall without damaging it, you can buy adhesive hooks. They can not withstand a lot of weight, but you can use them to hang smaller objects or works of art to beautify your space.

You can also buy adhesive caddies to hang on walls, cabinet doors or wherever you need a little more storage space.

Be creative with your closet

You can install more things in your closet with this hack supercool hanger From Brit + Co. Simply suspend a chain length from an S hook over the rod in your wardrobe, then use the chain links to hold several hangers. This allows you to maximize the vertical space even inside your wardrobe.

Put your shelves to work

Whether your dorm has built-in shelves or you use portable shelves, you can also maximize the space there. Try to stack your books horizontally rather than vertically. They will take up less space and allow you to use the full height of the shelf.

You can also purchase stackable boxes for your shelves to keep small items tidy and hidden, and make your space less cluttered.

If you maximize the small space of your dormitory, this can help you feel happier, more focused and less stressed. You will also be prepared when moving to an apartment.

For more organizational ideas, check out our guide to organize your shelves!

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