Messy Room? Enable Skype's Background Blur on Your iOS Calls

Man holding Oneplus 6 with Microsoft Skype application open to make video or audio calls.
Jirapong Manustrong /

The Skype iOS app can now blur your background, just like you can do on its desktop app and the Microsoft Teams app. Whenever you take a Skype call on your iPhone and iPad, you can do so with peace of mind knowing that others will not be able to judge your room in disorder. It’s also a great tool to have if you’re sick of people being able to see your personal data every time you need to make a video call.

The app uses Microsoft’s artificial intelligence tools to add pretty bokeh blur to almost everything except your head, hands and arms, so you’re always in the center of attention. The blur tool can be activated with a toggle button on the video call options page, where you can also activate subtitles and allow incoming video.

There is currently no support for the background blur feature on Skype for Android, nor any word on when such an update might become available, although you can continue and use it on your Windows and Mac desktops, your iPador on your iPhone.

Source: Skype via The edge

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