Microsoft Authenticator Now Doubles as a Free Password Manager

Microsoft Authenticator app on an iPhone
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If you need a two-step authentication app that works on all platforms, Microsoft Authenticator is a pretty solid option. But now, it is perhaps one of the most useful authenticators you can use, thanks to new features in Password Manager. Thanks to a new beta version, Microsoft Authenticator can sync and store your passwords on iOS, Android and Desktop.

If you find yourself using the same password for each site and service, stop it. This is terrible security and will lead to a dreaded email about compromised accounts, followed by a trip to HaveIBeenPwned.

Instead, you should use a password manager to create and remember complex passwords unique to each site and service you use. We love 1Password, but it is expensive.

LastPass is another decent option that costs less. But if you prefer maximum security, you should probably use both a password manager AND a two-step authentication app. But these are two applications to manage.

Or was it anyway, Microsoft announced an extension to its Authenticator app that adds password management capabilities. Sign in with a free Microsoft account on all of your devices, and your password will sync and fill in automatically across the group. You can download Microsoft Authenticator for free at Android, ios, and as browser extension.

For now, the new feature is part of a beta, but you can sign up quickly. Just go to the app settings and find the beta section. Enable the auto-complete password option and follow the prompts.

Download Microsoft Authenticator today and get started with two-step authentication and password management. Do not forget the browser extension too.

Source: Microsoft via Thurott

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