Microsoft Buys ZeniMax and Bethesda, Makers of 'Skyrim', 'DOOM', and 'Fallout'

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All eyes of the gaming industry are on the upcoming launches of PS5 and Xbox Series hardware. But the more mundane aspects of the gaming business continue, and today there is quite a huge development. Microsoft bought ZeniMax Media, which owns publisher Bethesda and its subsidiary game studios like Id. The deal is worth $ 7.5 billion.

Bethesda is responsible for some of the game’s biggest franchises, including The Elder Scrolls, Fallout, DOOM, and Wolfenstein. Microsoft launched a game acquisition ten years ago. Becoming a Microsoft affiliate puts Bethesda in a nice company, including Rare, Double Fine, Ninja Theory, 343 Industries, Minecraft maker Mojang, and possibly Obsidian in particular. Obsidian, which released the well-received The Outer Worlds last year, has teamed up with Bethesda for the much-loved Fallout: New Vegas.

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ZeniMax / Bethesda is by far the biggest game acquisition Microsoft has ever made. It’s a large publisher in its own right, which poses some interesting problems for Microsoft. For example, Bethesda has already committed to make two exclusives for the PlayStation 5, Deathloop shooter and supernatural action trippy Ghostwire Tokyo.

Both games are “timed exclusives,” meaning they should arrive at some point in the Xbox series, but don’t expect the company’s PlayStation exclusive versions anymore. It is a fact that much of Bethesda’s catalog will be come to Xbox Game Pass.

A more interesting question is, will future versions of Bethesda be cross-platform, or will Microsoft amass its big games for the Xbox and PC? The Elder Scrolls VI and Starfield are by far the company’s most anticipated upcoming titles, and both would make tempting exclusives not to have in Sony’s hands. But Microsoft has already shown its willingness to embrace cross-platform publishing (The Outer Worlds arrived on PS4 on day one and eventually on the Switch), and titles this massive and expensive almost require as wide a release as possible in order to achieve. the balance.

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