Microsoft Is Ending Mixer, Partnering With Facebook Gaming, and Freeing Ninja

Facebook Gaming and Microsoft Mixer logos.
Microsoft / Facebook

After recovering the exclusive streaming rights from titans like Ninja and Shroud, Microsoft Mixer is suddenly closing its doors. Microsoft will close Mixer on July 22 and transfer its existing partners to Facebook Gaming. Big names like Ninja can go wherever they want, and monetized Mixer streamers can join Facebook Level Up Program.

Even with the exclusive rights of famous streamers, Mixer cannot compete with other services. So instead of pouring money into the service, Microsoft is removing it and partnering with Facebook to promote the game service xCloud, an Xbox equivalent of Stadia and NVIDIA GeForce NOW. The large Facebook user base, successful streaming platform and powerful advertising tools make it the perfect place to showcase a cutting edge service like xCloud.

Facebook will honor Mixer Partner contracts and, as I mentioned earlier, will extend Level Up membership to regular monetized streamers. But the company does not study exclusive contracts with Ninja, Shroud or the other big dogs of Mixer. As indicated by The edge, Facebook Gaming has no history of super exclusive contracts. Even the best streamer on the platform, DisguisedToast, is authorized to broadcast non-game content on competing platforms.

The mixer ends definitively on July 22, but the website streamers will switch to Facebook Gaming from today. People who subscribe to Mixer or have huge Ember balances should keep an eye on their account and its associated email address for an Xbox gift card.

Source: Microsoft via The edge

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