Microsoft Just Leaked a New Start Menu. Which Do You Prefer?

New Windows 10 Start menu design without dynamic thumbnails.@NTAuthority on Twitter

Microsoft has messed up today, releasing an internal version of Windows 10 for Windows Insiders. This build was never designed to see the light of day, but it introduces a new Start Menu menu, without active thumbnails.

The most important change in the new Start menu design is the removal of living tiles. No more need to automatically update thumbnails with information about your email, weather or articles Dynamic thumbnails were the pioneers of Windows Phone and are one of the best features of the platform. It would be sad to see that Microsoft abandons them.

On the other hand, active thumbnails are underused in Windows 10. They appear clearly on the phone's home screen: how many people open their Start menu to read the thumbnail information, especially when so many desktop applications support tiles at all?

Microsoft accidentally leaked a new Start menu without active thumbnails. Which boot menu do you prefer?

– How-To Geek (@howtogeek) July 24, 2019

Do not forget: there is no guarantee that this new Start menu will take it out of development. Microsoft is testing it clearly, but that does not mean that we will all use it soon. Although this is the future of the Windows 10 Start Menu, it will probably be much more polished before that date.

In our opinion, the best feature of the leaked Start menu is that candy Crush can not be found – until now.

Windows 10 Start Menu Leaks Without Active Thumbnails@NTAuthority on Twitter

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