Microsoft No Longer Offers Xbox Live Gold as a Yearly Subscription

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As of now, all major home consoles are offering an online subscription, enabling or enhancing online multiplayer and other goodies. Microsoft pioneered this space with its Xbox Live system in 2002, offering monthly or annual access at a reduced price. The latter is no longer an option.

Previously available at $ 60, the annual pass represented a significant saving over the Price for 3 months ($ 25) or month to month ($ 10). If you’re looking for those savings, some physical prepaid cards are still available and can be found on the shelves of retailers like Gamestop or Best Buy. Amazon is still selling the digital codes at this time. But if you want to reactivate your Xbox Live subscription directly from Microsoft, it’s a month or three months.

Microsoft recently stepped up its online services, for Xbox and PC gamers. The new Xbox Game Pass includes unlimited access to “over 100 Xbox games” for $ 10 per month, along with an alternate PC version with a different library of games downloaded from the Windows Store. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate includes all Game Pass titles on Xbox One and PC, plus Xbox Live, for $ 15 per month. From September it include access to Microsoft’s all-new xCloud game streaming service as well as.

Microsoft may be trying to wean gamers off the less rugged Xbox Live system, to the less affordable but more valuable Game Pass, as it prepares to launch the new Xbox Series X consoles in the winter. We will see.

Source: Microsoft via Pocket-Lint

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