Microsoft Starts Beta Testing Windows 10 Patches with Actual Beta Testers

Microsoft releases Updates "C" and "D" to people who click "Check for Updates" in Windows Update. These people become involuntary beta testers. Update C from January 2019 has a rare distinction: Microsoft tested it with Windows Insiders first.

Updates C and D are released in the third and fourth weeks of most months. They include non-security fixes and are only installed for people who click the "Check for Updates" button in Windows Update. These people are essentially testing the updates before the patches become part of the stable patch updates on Tuesday next month. These Patch Tuesday updates call "B" updates because Patch Tuesday is in the second week of each month.

These updates C and D have already caused problems. For example, a "D" update recently caused blue screens on Surface Book 2 hardware from Microsoft. Only people who clicked the "Check for Updates" button would have installed and would have encountered the problem. Microsoft calls these people "seekers" and thinks they're looking for more updates, but we think most people who click this button have no idea they want to get unstable updates.

There is finally good news! As Woody Leonhard points out to, this month's update – Windows Update KB4476976– Tested extensively in the Windows Insider Release Preview ring earlier this month:

He is finally out. The first Win10 fix (to my knowledge) that has been thoroughly tested in the Windows Insider preview ring – and I'd bet it's pretty stable.

… Raise a glass of joy. We may be seeing a fix on Microsoft's thorough repair method.

It's still a C update and it's still installed if you click on "Check for Updates", but the "seekers" who click on this button will get a patch that has already been tested by people who know what they are getting into. The Windows Insiders are of course people who have chosen to be beta testers.

As Woody points out to World of the computer, Microsoft has for the first time set up a test version of a cumulative update of the preview ring in November 2018. But this time, Microsoft has two constructions throughout the test cycle, using insiders to find problems before publishing the stable release.

It's only a month after the publication of the first publication of the disastrous Updated October 2018, which deleted some people's files. Microsoft was so confident in this big update that the company did not even bother to submit it to Release Preview tests before launching it on those unfortunate "seekers" who clicked on "Check for Updates "

This is not unimportant. We have just made a small change in our approach. 1809 will move to RP today and will be essential to help revive the interview. Slow was helpful in helping identify any bug-blocking show this time around.

– Brandon LeBlanc (@brandonwhite) October 2, 2018

As Brandon LeBlanc of Microsoft has pointed out, Microsoft has released the patch for the preview at the same time he published it to "researchers".

Now, Microsoft has been repressed and is even testing smaller patches before deploying them. It's progress!

We just want Microsoft to stop it with the "Check for Updates" button. This button should never encourage users to use additional, less tested patches without warning. But at least these fixes are first tested.

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Image credit: KC Lemson/ Microsoft

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