Microsoft Will Update Notepad Through Windows 10’s Store

Notepad icon on the desktop of Windows 10

Microsoft just can not stop updating Notepad. Every Windows 10 update now includes Notebook improvements, from Unix-style endpoint support to Bing lookups and performance enhancements. Microsoft is now ready to update Notepad much faster.

This change is part of Windows Insider version 18963. It will come with the Windows 10 Update 20H1, scheduled around April 2020. Until then, the Notebook will be updated in a normal way, via Windows Update.

Dona Sarkar and Microsoft Brandon LeBlanc of Microsoft explain this change in a blog:

Notepad has been a popular text editor for Windows for over 30 years. In recent releases, we've made a number of small improvements to Notepad based on your feedback (including extended end-point support, global search, and unregistered content.) Starting with this release we make a change so that future Notebook updates are automatically available through the store. This will give us the flexibility to respond to issues and comments outside the limits of Windows versions. As always, if you have any comments on Notepad, we welcome it in the Comments Hub under Applications> Notepad.

This is a pretty crazy change: is Notepad really changing so often that Microsoft needs to be able to update it more often than every six months? Apparently this is the case!

You can now even uninstall Notepad! Just right-click in the Start menu and select "Uninstall". If Notepad is uninstalled and you try to launch it, a message saying "Notepad is not installed" is displayed. This message tells you the Microsoft Store, where you can can install it.

Uninstalling Notepad in Windows 10 20H1

Although surprising at first, it should not be a shock if you consider other recent developments. More and more apps are casually moving outside of Windows to the Store. the new Windows Terminal application is delivered by the store, and Microsoft's new Chromium-based Edge Web Browser will also be updated via the store more often than every six months.

Who knew that Notepad would beat Microsoft Edge at the store?

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