Microsoft’s Edge Browser Keeps Getting More Interesting

Chrome version of Microsoft Edge on the Windows 10 desktopMicrosoft

The Microsoft Edge Browser has better privacy controls, an Internet Explorer mode, collections to organize Web searches and even a Mac version. Microsoft announced these features at Build 2019, where it also announced a new Windows terminal.

These features come in the new version of Chromium-based Edge, which forms the basis of Google Chrome. Microsoft published Beta versions of Edge with a Chromium engine there is a little less than a month. Despite being a beta version, it's a pretty solid browser. Microsoft benefits from the underlying work provided with Chromium, but the company is striving to leave its mark on the browser. This fact is obvious with new upcoming features announced today: collections, best dashboard on privacy, integrated Internet Explorer for business users and Mac version of the browser.

Collections are like OneNote for your browser

New collections feature in Microsoft EdgeMicrosoft

Collections help search the web. You can quickly retrieve images and text from multiple tabs and gather all the information in one place. Once the data is collected, you can view it in Edge, export it to Word or Excel, send the collection as an e-mail, or copy the contents to the clipboard for use in any other application.

Privacy dashboard provides easy controls

Privacy dashboard options, with balanced selectionMicrosoft

Each site follows your browsing habits and many companies continue to monitor you even after you leave the company's website. It's hard to tell when this happens, and if you do not like all this tracking, you need to explore many settings to avoid as much as possible to do so.

Edge's next privacy dashboard is specifically designed to solve this problem. With this one, you will have the choice between three levels of blocking of the follow-up: strict, balanced and without restriction. All three levels block malicious tracking, but the different options may block or allow tracking and listing of the websites you visited. In Balanced mode, for example, Edge will block tracks from sites you have not visited, but will allow ads from sites you've visited to display.

OMG The new @MSEdgeDev Privacy Tracker is amazing.

I'm blown away by the way we can offer these features to customers to control their data, built-in, Zero Excuses.

Not to mention the IE mode out of the box.

– Sean (廖肖恩) in ?? (@TheLarkInn) May 6, 2019

Business users benefit from an integration of Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer mode in Microsoft Edge.Microsoft

Internet Explorer is not a browser that most people should use, but some organizations still need it. For enterprise users, Microsoft says it will build Internet Explorer directly into Edge. If your workplace has an old Web application that requires Internet Explorer, you must currently open IE only for that website and use another browser, such as Chrome or Edge, for other websites.

In a future release of Windows 10, enterprise users can rely solely on Edge. When the browser detects a site listed as working only in Internet Explorer, it automatically opens the Internet Explorer mode in an Edge tab and displays the site correctly. No need to change browser or know which browser to use.

Edge for Mac arrives

Microsoft Edge on MacOSMicrosoft

Microsoft wants to be everywhere. Just look at the number of apps created for iPhone and Android as proof. Browsers are no exception, and switching to Chromium means that Edge can be delivered easily enough for Mac. If you prefer to use a single browser on all your platforms, you will soon be able to use Edge on Windows, iPhone, iPad, Android and Mac OS.

The company did not show much today, but the few screenshots it provided appeared to be comparable to those of Windows 10. And, as we know, Microsoft is even bringing the new Edge to Windows 7.

Unfortunately, all that has been announced today is "coming soon". But whether it's a particular user or who needs to support Internet Explorer in a workplace, all of these features look promising.

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