Miss Fancy Coffee Drinks? Make Them At Home (No Espresso Machine Needed)

Simple coffee equipment on a counter with a small cup filled with coffee and frothed milk.James Hoffman / YouTube

If you plan on enjoying a lot of fancy coffee drinks at home, ideally, you should have a fancy espresso machine to make them. But if you hadn’t planned this in advance, this video tutorial can help you recreate them without the sophisticated machine.

It is not too difficult to prepare a cup of black coffee at home. But when it comes to espresso or espresso-rich extractions, steamed milk, frothed milk and the other elements of the coffee experience in a cafe, it’s a little trickier.

While it’s nice to have a big espresso machine at home with a powerful steam wand, it’s not exactly a common sight on most kitchen counters. No worries however, James Hoffman has a DIY guide to recreating fancy coffee drinks without $ 1,500 + equipment.

Although you don’t need an expensive espresso machine to track at home, to get some of the results it does in the video above, you’ll need relatively inexpensive tools like a Moka pot (to create a strong coffee like an espresso) and a french press or electric milk frother (to froth milk).

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