MobiStealth Review

With the advent of digital technology, keeping an eye on someone close is becoming difficult. Everyone has their personal phones or other gadgets. This includes children, spouses and your employees at work. The concept of using spy apps to keep a check on the online activities of your kids, your spouse or anyone else at home is becoming increasingly common. Organizations are also investing in these spy software and apps to make sure that their employees are not leaking confidential company information outside.

You will find several
apps and software claiming to provide an all-round tracking of the devices you
want, but do they really deliver what they claim? Many of these apps also just
work on one kind of mobile device and not all. If you are looking for a spy
software that doesn’t only allow you to monitor the activities of someone on
their mobile phones but also their computers and other such devices, then
mobistealth is what you need.

What is MobiStealth?

MobiStealth is a spy software that allows the user to monitor the smartphone and computer activity of someone. It gives you access to the call logs, text messages, GPS locations, as well as the browsing history of the other person. In addition to all this, it also allows you to record their phone calls.

How Does It Work?

You will need access to the other person’s phone at least once to install MobiStealth on their device. Once it is installed on their phone, you will be able to view their phone activities through your online account. As the name suggests, MobiStealth works these stealth mode. Thus, they will not able to know that activities are being monitored or tracked.

MobiStealth is compatible with iOS, Android, MacOS and Windows. With the No-Jailbreak solution, it also allows you to spy on iPad or iPhone without installing anything on device or having physical access it. It is advised to check your device’s compatibility before purchasing the subscription of MobiStealth.

MobiStealth comes with a simple web-based console that offers powerful monitoring features. It lets you spy on computer or mobile devices via a web interface named StealthClub. The stealth application runs in the background and the device user doesn’t know about it.

MobiStealth is a subscription-based service. You will be required to pay a monthly subscription fee if you wish to continue using MobiStealth. You can use a credit card to pay your subscription fee. Subscription can be cancelled at any time by contacting the company’s customer service. You will be able to download and install the spy software on your device once you pay the subscription fee. It is important to note that you need access to the computer or phone of the person you need to keep an eye on as you will have to install the software in their device. Installing the spy app remotely is not possible yet.

Once the software is installed on their device, it keeps running in the background and records all the activities of the user. The recorded data is then uploaded on to your MobiStealth account. Just log into your account here to view the recorded data.

Unfortunately, MobiStealth doesn’t allow you to spy on Snapchat or Facebook. But hopefully, this feature will be added in their future versions.

Features of MobiStealth

MobiStealth offers two versions to choose from: A Light Version and a Pro Version.

Light Version

The Light version of MobiStealth comes with the following monitoring features:

  • Tracking all incoming and outgoing SMS messages
  • Tracking all the events and appointments saved on the device
  • Monitoring call logs
  • Monitoring internet browsing history
  • Viewing the bookmarks saved in the browser
  • Monitoring all the incoming and outgoing emails on the device
  • Tracking the list of saved contacts on the device
  • Tracking the location of the device through GPS tracking

These features are enough for parents or employers to keep a check on children and employees. However, if you want more information about your target, then you can switch to the Pro version of the software.

Pro Version

The Pro version of MobiStealth offers all the above-mentioned features and the following additions too:

  • Listen to and record calls of the target
  • Tracking the videos and images taken by the device
  • Tracking the incoming and outgoing messages on WhatsApp

The Pro version of MobiStealth goes a step ahead with its tracking abilities. It allows the user to take extreme measures like phone call recording and also wiping the target phone.

Plans & Pricing

MobiStealth offers multiple packages that you can choose from. The monthly subscription is renewed automatically at the end of each month. MobiStealth doesn’t offer a free trial but gives an option of 15-day moneyback guarantee.

MobiStealth for iPhone

Premium Plan: $99.99 every 3 months or $149.99/year

Premium Plus: $$119.99 every 3 months or $179.99/ year

MobiStealth for Android

Pro Plan: $49.99 every 3 months or $79.99 every 6 months or $119.99/year

Pro X Plan: $79.99 every 3 months, $129.99 every 6 months or $179.99/year

MobiStealth for Mac and Windows

Lite Plan: $39.99 every 3 months or $59.99 every 6 months or $79.99/year

Pro Plan: $59.99 every 3 months or $79.99 every 6 months or $99.99/year

Should You Subscribe to MobiStealth?

MobiStealth is a great app that lets you gain access to almost everything that the target does on their phone or computer. It offers regular and dependable updates via a secure portal and thanks to its stealth mode, it works without notifying the target. It also offers top-notch technical support as well. You also don’t need access to the target’s device over and over again. You just need it once to install the app on their phone.

The only con of MobiStealth is that it doesn’t offer a free trial, although it does offer a 15-day moneyback guarantee. You also cannot subscribe to services for less than 3 months.

Other than that, MobiStealth is one of the best spy apps we have today. Try it and let us know what you think.

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