Moto's G Stylus and G Power Are Now Available for Pre-Order, Available on April 16th

Left: G Stylus, Right: G Power

Motorola announced a pair of new mid-range phones with the G Stylus and the G Power back in february, and now both phones are available for pre-order for $ 299 and $ 249 respectively. But don’t be fooled by the prices of the trash, these seem surprisingly robust in terms of specifications.

On the outside, the phones are very similar. Both have a large 6.4-inch screen with a resolution of 2300 × 1080 19: 9 and a front camera of 16 MP, with a fingerprint sensor mounted on the back of each. The guts are also similar, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 665 handling processing tasks and a 4 GB of RAM now standard. Both phones also have 3.5mm headphone jacks, fast 10-watt charging via USB-C and a “water-repellent design”.

But that’s where the similarities end, as the G Stylus has a better quality 48 MP rear camera and, as the name suggests, a stylus built into the Samsung Note family. The G Stylus also contains 128 GB of internal storage, but it also has a microSD card slot for all your digital hoarders.

The G Power, on the other hand, has a large battery of 5,000 mAh (4,000 mAh on the G Stylus), which, according to Moto, can earn you three days of use. The larger battery is a compromise here, as it sports a less impressive 16 MP rear camera and only 64 GB of internal storage. Like his brother, however, he has a microSD card slot for expansion.

All told, these phones appear as if they were each packing a punch higher than their suggested price of $ 299 for the G Stylus and $ 249 for the G Power. How it might actually turn out is, of course, a whole different story. But if you’re already on the hype train, you can pre-order yours today from the links below.

Moto G stylus: Motorola, Best buy

Moto G Power: Motorola, Best buy

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