Nacon's Official Xbox Game Streaming Controllers for Android Come in Two Sizes

Nacon MG-XNacon

We are in the midst of a rebirth of controllers for phones, thanks to a similar boom in streaming services. Nacon, a small accessories maker, is jumping into the fray with two officially licensed models for Xbox Game Pass streaming. The Nacon MG-X (the small one) and the MG-X Pro (the big one) both hold an Android phone and connect via Bluetooth.

The designs are pretty standard, with sliding center compartments that can accommodate an Android phone with screens up to 6.7 inches. (It’s probably a bit fluid, as some phones are taller than others thanks to bezels and screen ratios.) Both use all of the official Xbox buttons, including the signature home button. , so you can handle all your streaming needs.

Nacon MG-X ProNacon

The controllers last 20 hours on a charge, but mostly say nothing about the vibration functions. They will be available for purchase in early 2021 and are expected to work with standard Android games and other streaming services.

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