Nanoleaf's New Essential Line Is a More Affordable Take on Smart Lighting

A pink smart bulb in a lamp.

At the same time announced new options for its Shape series, Nanoleaf unveiled a new Essential smart lighting line. As the name suggests, it fits the more traditional mold with an affordable $ 20 smart bulb and $ 50 LED strip. And unlike previous Nanoleaf products, Essentials uses Wire for smart home communication.

A bulb with an angry profile

Two smart bulbs with a sharp corned profile.

The first Nanoleaf Essentials $ 20 bulb is the first in the Essentials line. Sometimes it’s hard to remember, but his first product was a smart bulb that heintroduced on Kickstarter.

Nanoleaf’s latest bulb recalls this heritage, thanks to its rhombicosidodecahedron form. For those of you who are not geometry specialists, this is a solid with 20 regular triangular faces, 30 square faces, 12 regular pentagonal faces, 60 vertices, and 120 edges.

The Nanoleaf Essentials bulb is available in an A19 sizing and supports over 16 million colors and adjustable whites. According to Gimmy Chu, CEO of Nanoleaf, although he can manage colors, much attention has been paid to white lighting. According to the company, the Essentials bulb offers the widest range of maximum brightness at all color temperatures.

An expandable LED strip

An LED strip with an integrated controller.

Nanoleaf hasn’t just announced a light bulb. It also announced the Essential LED strip. It comes in two sizes, a $ 50 2-meter starter kit and a $ 25 1-meter extension kit. It is an RGBCCWW LED strip, and thus provides dedicated cool and warm white lighting. Like the Essentials bulb, Nanoleaf says it has put a lot of effort into providing the best white lighting possible, as it sees this as the strip’s most useful function.

Thread and Smart Home features

The original Nanoleaf bulb was a Bluetooth affair, which limited its capacity. While the new Essentials range supports Bluetooth, Nanoleaf has also integrated the Thread standard in devices. This means it can form a mesh network with any other Thread device, allowing you to achieve faster response times and better reliability.

They’re smart lights too, so you’ll get the usual app and voice commands. The LED strip also has a control module, much like the Nanoleaf Shapes lighting. Plus, Essentials lights come with a circadian rhythm feature. When you turn it on, the lights will subtly change color temperatures to match the time of day.

Nanoleaf has yet to announce the launch of the Essentials line, but you can subscribe to notifications on his site when he’s ready to reveal more.

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