NES Space for Oculus Quest Puts Classic Games in Nostalgic Environments

A photo of NES SPACE in action.
NES area

Virtual reality can help us experience things that are beyond our reach, such as space travel or a zombie apocalypse. But it can also allow us to relive the mundane. Now anyone with an Oculus quest can travel back in time to play classic NES games using the NES Space app.

NES Space is an NES / Famicom emulator for Oculus Quest. It places you in a customizable VR room with fully stocked game shelves, bedroom furniture, and old TV or arcade furniture. Of course, you can customize your environment to look less like a haunted 80s bedroom, or take your virtual CRT outside for a less familiar retro gaming experience.

In a way, NES Space is like a younger brother than the popular EmuVR application. EmuVR is an emulator that offers you customizable retro environments, but it only works on high-end VR headsets, like the Oculus Rift. NES Space, while not as robust or EmuVR, allows people to experience retro VR gaming rooms on an affordable, portable Quest headset.

The NES Space app is still finding its marks and has problems with some ROMs. But it supports multiple controller inputs, such as VR joysticks and mobile phones, and developers plan to add multiplayer support at a later date.

You can buy NES Space now for $ 14 on, but it only works after being recharged from your PC. Side loading is safe and easy, but you must read a guide to get it right.

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