Netflix Android App Now Offers Audio-Only Playback, Feature Rolling Out Slowly

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I’ve watched every episode of Star Trek, multiple times for the ’90s series. I don’t need to see them to know what’s going on, especially since it’s a very exposed show. Netflix created a feature just for me (and several million other people): the ability to play audio-only videos, now deployment on Android.

Users who have access to the feature may see a large, user-friendly “Video Off” button. There is also a settings option that allows you to set the Audio Only mode to always on or off by default, or on when you connect headphones or speakers.

Based on a quick survey by the Review Geek team, it looks like the feature is rolling out really slowly, as none of us have it. And we don’t know if an audio-only video will play in the background while you do other things on Android (which would make sense) or if it will appear in a mini-player window with a blank video (this which would make a little less sense). It’s also unclear if streaming audio only uses less data, which would be really cool if you want to listen to shows while you’re on the go.

Presumably, the audio-only option will hit iOS at some point.

Source: Android Police

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