Netflix Made 10 Educatonal Documentaries Free to Watch on YouTube

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For years, Netflix has allowed educators to show selected documentaries and docuseries in classrooms. The only requirement was a Netflix account. But now, with the closure of schools, teachers can no longer easily share these shows with students. So Netflix stepped in and charged ten documentaries on YouTube for students, and everyone, to watch.

In a post on his site, Netflix explained that it makes documentaries free for everyone in response to requests from teachers. Usually if a teacher wants to show an approved Netflix documentary, the process is easy.

First, the teacher would check the media lists on the Netflix site, search for the documentary they would like to show and check if it lists an educational screening grant. If so, the teacher can log in with a Netflix account and play it for the class.

The restrictions were just and reasonable because the educator could not charge students money to see the series. But without children in class, none of this works. Of course, any student with access to a Netflix account can see the documentary, but not children without an account.

To resolve this issue, Netflix has added 10 of its documentaries and documentaries to its Youtube channel—Yes, Netflix has a YouTube channel.

Since YouTube is open access, it means everyone can watch it, not just students and teachers. Access the channel now and you can watch series ranging from Chasing Coral at If we.

And if you’re a teacher, Netflix has added educational resources to its site to complement the lessons.

Source: Netflix via CNET

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