Netflix Will Start Cancelling Inactive Accounts

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It’s easy to forget that you’ve signed up for a streaming service, even though it has charged you $ 10 a month in the past two years. Netflix plans to save its customers from this frustration by canceling accounts that have spent a year or two without watching any shows or movies.

The company says it will start sending emails to customers who haven’t looked at anything a year after signing up, likely to eliminate people who forgot to cancel after their free trial. If customers don’t respond to Netflix emails, the service will end their subscription.

But customers who were active on Netflix will have to wait much longer before their accounts are automatically canceled. Two years, to be precise. I’m not sure why Netflix is ​​waiting longer to close officially active accounts, but it may have something to do with user data (or, you know, the money). Netflix says that preferences and monitoring history for canceled accounts are recoverable for 10 months after cancellation, as long as you register with the same email address.

Netflix is ​​a step in the right direction, but some will argue that it is not enough. Does Netfix really have to wait a year or two before deciding that an account is inactive? Can’t “suspend” Netflix accounts after only a month of inactivity? And shouldn’t inactive accounts receive some sort of refund? Hopefully Netflix and its competitors will improve this idea in the future.

Source: Netflix via TNW

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