New eBooks from A Book Apart, Smashing Magazine & more!

If you're a graphic or web designer with a thirst for knowledge, you're in luck. We have just established a partnership with A Book Apart and Smashing Magazine to bring you dozens of ebooks from leading names in the industry, such as Chris Coyier , co-founder of CodePen and typography guru. Jason Santa Maria.

Buy or subscribe to all this will normally cost you over 320 USD, but with an unlimited subscription to Envato Elements all major titles and latest releases are included.

More than 30,000 ready-to-use graphical elements, more than 280,000 photos and more than 1,000 video lessons!

Discover the full library or find popular singles below.

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An apartment book

Smashing Magazine


Reading Point W With a Combination Subscription

This is just a small selection of the dozens of books available.You can start reading right away with a subscription to Envato Elements For a single monthly fee you have access not only to these eBooks, but also to our library of over 1,000 video courses on Envato Tuts +.

Plus, you get unlimited downloads of the vast library of Envato Elements.More than 280,000 photos and more 30,000 design elements and templates Create with unique fonts, photos, graphics and models, and deliver better projects faster.

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