Now's the Time to Apply to Compete on Season Two of 'LEGO Masters'

The original cast of 'LEGO Masters standing around a table full of LEGO bricks.Fox

Do you feel in control of all things LEGO? Have you always wanted to be on TV to show your wisdom? Have you watched the first season of Lego Masters and I’m wondering, “Why haven’t I received an invitation to this show?” Well this is your chance because guess what? Applications to appear on season two of the show are open now!

In case you missed the first season, LEGO Masters is a show that will pit teams of two against each other to build some of the most beautiful and amazing LEGO sets within strict deadlines. Last season’s contestants had to recreate scenes from Star Wars, build bridges that can support hundreds of pounds of weight, and drop beautiful LEGO sculptures from great heights to see which one would give the best blast.

A LEGO Masters casting poster.Fox

FOX and LEGO promise to raise the stakes for the second season with the pressure to create tougher, bolder builds. If you think you have what it takes, you can apply on the LEGO Masters casting site. The show calls for teams of two, but you don’t need to have a second person on hand to apply – it’s possible to team up with another solo entry.

What you need, however, is a willingness to answer detailed questions about why you should be on the show, as well as an 11-minute video making your case. Don’t worry, you don’t have to apply today – no deadline has been set yet. Don’t wait too long, not if you really are wanna be next LEGO Master!

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