Old Wi-Fi Routers Aren’t Just Slow, They’re Insecure: It’s Time to Upgrade

an old router that no longer receives security updatesCasezy Idea / Shutterstock

For most people, their wireless router is just a dusty box that they never think about unless it does not work. But old routers are not just slower; they are often unsafe. Here's how to solve this problem.

It may not be the most glamorous gadget in your home, but the firmware on your wireless router is an essential part of your home network and the security of your devices and data. It's one thing when your game console is so old that it no longer receives updates or your old first-generation Kindle is actually in the retirement home. This is something else when the device in question helps protect the entire network.

If something at home needs consistent security updates, this is your router: the gateway to your entire home network and everything in it.

On our sister site, How-To Geek, they examined the phenomenon of routers that end up in deserts where their manufacturers stop publishing major (or even critical) security updates. Pop here for Learn more about it and how to check if your router is still supported.

If you find that you are looking for a new router (and you have a good chance of doing so), take a look at Discover the best Geek choices for the best mesh Wi-Fi routers. For most people, a good Wi-Fi mesh router is the best option. Our favorite for simplicity, Google Wi-Fi, automatically updates the firmware, so that if a major security breach occurs, your wireless router will update automatically in the middle of the night.

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