Opera GX: What Is a “Gaming Browser,” Anyway?

Opera GX browser interface showing RAM limiter and GX corner

Opera just released "Opera GX"And presents it as the first game browser in the world. Beyond the theme inspired by the games and the integration of Razer Chroma, there is a very interesting function of limiting the processor and the RAM. But will this speed up your PC game?

What is Opera GX?

Opera GX is a desktop web browser for Windows PCs. Despite its name, this is a browser designed to be used in games, because the built-in Steam browser works in Steam overlay. It is also not available for game consoles such as Xbox One or PlayStation 4.

Like the standard version of Opera, Opera GX is based on Chromium, the open-source project that forms the basis of the Google Chrome web browser and the Chrome-based Microsoft Edge browser coming soon. Web sites should look the same as in Chrome, and you can to install Chrome extensions in this browser, as well.

This game browser is free and was published in "Early Access" on June 11, 2019, during the E3.

What's a game browser?

Do not expect Opera GX to dramatically improve your gaming performance. This browser mainly includes features designed for "gamers": a game-inspired theme with the integration of Razer Chroma, news and offers from integrated games, a Twitch panel and sound effects designed by a game sound designer.

"GX control" is the only feature that can improve your performance: Built-in RAM and CPU limiters can limit the amount of memory and uptime your web browser will use.

A game theme (with the integration of Razer Chroma)

Opera GX and Razer Chroma color options

The first thing you will notice is the theme: Opera GX takes to heart the "game browser", opting for a dark theme and bright colors typical of gaming devices and PCs. By quickly clicking on the "Easy Setup" icon in the upper right corner of the browser, you can select any of the few preset colors – or any color of your choice – for the browser highlights. Customizable backgrounds are also available.

This browser even includes the integration of Razer Chroma. Enable the "Razer Chroma" option here, and any color you choose in the browser will be duplicated on any Chroma compatible accessories you own, such as Razer's DeathAdder Elite Gaming Mouse or BlackWidow keyboard. It's a clever way to change your browser theme and RGB lighting at the same time.

GX Control: RAM and CPU Limiters

Opera GX with GX Control RAM limiter enabled.

Beyond the theme and the integration of Razer Chroma, the most interesting feature is what the browser calls "GX Control".

Click the GX Control button in the sidebar and you will get a panel with a "RAM Limiter" and a "CPU Limiter". For example, you can force the browser to use only 3 GB of your system's 12 GB RAM or limit. 10% of the CPU resources of your system.

This is a pretty unique feature. Leaving it on all the time will make your browser slower, of course. But if you prefer not to manually close the tabs to free up resources for games, the limiters might be able to help you.

Of course, it is not clear if you will get an improvement in your performance. Windows is supposed to manage the resources automatically, and your browser must stay away while you play. But that does not always work properly, so players tend to close their browser and not leave 100 open tabs in the background during games.

"Before Opera GX, players often stopped their browsers so they did not slow down their gaming experience. We developed the GX Control feature to make users' games smoother, without having to compromise on what 'they do on the Web', Explain Maciej Kocemba from the opera.

It should also be noted that this browser will not accelerate web games. Its performance features are aimed exclusively at avoiding problems and limiting the resources available for Web pages.

What else does a game browser include?

Opera GX Corner and Twitch Side Panel

This browser is designed for players. The "GX Corner" panel is in the left corner of your miter bar at all times. It presents information about upcoming games and a transaction aggregator with links to games for sale. It also has a "Daily News" section that, by default, provides you with a dedicated news feed on games.

The sidebar contains a built-in Twitch panel in which you can browse the channels you follow, see who's currently streaming online, and even receive notifications when the channel you're watching starts streaming live.

Opera GX also plays the "GX Sound" sound effects, including when hovering over the icons on the Speed ​​Dial page (New tab). Opera is proud of this, claiming that they were "composed in collaboration with sound designer Rubén Rincón and the Berlin group, recently named in the soundtrack of the BAFTA Games Awards for Gray. can disable them.

You will also have the normal functionality of the Opera browser

Opera GX also claims several other features present in Opera. For example, navigation bars are also available in the sidebar: Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Vkontakte and WhatsApp are integrated and you can chat directly from your browser's interface.

Like Opera, Opera GX also features an integrated adblocker, Free VPNand a "video dump" feature that lets you play a video in a smaller overlay outside of your web browser. Opera promises an upcoming "Game Video" feature, so you can watch a video procedure or other video on top of the game while you play it, but that's not yet available.

Should you use it?

Opera GX level 1 version number

If you like the look or if you want features like the integration of Razer Chroma and Twitch, use Opera GX. Despite its unusual appearance, this is a fairly standard Chrome browser that should work exactly like Chrome with websites.

It is, however, the main attraction: aesthetics and integrated gaming culture, such as Twitch integration and game news. The initial release of Opera GX even identifies its version number as "LVL 1".

Limiters are one of the most interesting features we've seen in a browser for a while and it might be worth playing with. Do not expect huge performance increases, however, and be careful: if you leave these options on all the time, you'll end up using a slower browser.

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