Picture This: Learn Digital Photography with These Courses

Heroes of online digital photography courses

From learning how a digital camera works and understanding the composition of a photo, photo editing and profitability, these online photography courses are a great way for enthusiasts and Career photographers move from beginner to professional.

To start

Whichever website and course you choose, you will need a few supplies before you start your journey to become the next one. Ansel Adams or Peter McKinnon.

All you really need to start is a digital camera and an SD card. In all brands, the cameras are divided into three categories: consumer, prosumer and professional. Consumer cameras are the starting point because they are the cheapest. For Nikon, this means everything that 3000 rangeand for Canon, it’s the EOS Rebel line. Prosumer, the next category, is the largest market for digital cameras, but it is more expensive than necessary (just like professional-level cameras and mirrorless cameras).

Also consider accessories, such as a neck strap or wrist strap, an easily accessible case or bag, a tripod, one or two SD cards and a UV filter for your lens. When it comes to lenses, the kit lens is great for beginners, but if you want to push yourself, buy a main lens. These lenses do not zoom, so you have to move around more to take pictures; this can help you quickly learn how far or how far from your subject and how to frame your right picture.

Experts in digital cameras: Nikon School

Nikon School website

As Nikon (starts at $ 15 / class) makes some of the best cameras, it’s no surprise that the company also offers classes on how to use them. Nikon Just announced that these courses will be free until the end of May and that he will add new content to his inspiring Creator’s Hour series.

Nikon offers two courses for beginners: “Getting started with your Nikon DSLR“and”Fundamentals of photography; “The courses cover topics such as manual focus and adjustment of ISO, shutter speed and aperture. The latter also covers basic metering, managing your pop-up flash , shooting in different formats, photographic composition, choice of different lenses, etc.

Once you’ve spent more time taking pictures and are more comfortable with your camera, come back and enjoy other Nikon School video lessons, including one second part for “Fundamentals of Photography”. All courses are taught by professional photographers and are designed to be easy to follow, regardless of your level of experience.

A complete and certified training: the school of photography

The courses of the School of Photography
Photography school

Some people learn better in the classroom than through random tutorials, and that’s fine. Although Photography school (starts at $ 15 / month) does not have a literal class to help you learn, it offers a wide variety of professional courses, each with structured lessons that make you feel like you are learning in a classroom traditional.

Check “Complete Guide to Photography“To start, then progress to more advanced classes like”Studio lighting guide. “If you want to know more photo editing in Lightroom, you are also covered. The School of Photography doesn’t have a ton of lessons, but the few are comprehensive and well-designed. In addition, you will receive an official certificate once you have completed all of the courses!

A wealth of resources for novice photographers: Udemy

Udemy digital photography course

Udemy (from $ 9.99 / class) offers a ton of photography lessons, but the lessons offered for beginner digital photography are exceptional. Classes range from around $ 10 to $ 150 and cover everything from comprehensive digital photography guides to courses on more specific topics. Most courses also offer certification.

The recommended bestseller course, “Digital photography for beginners with DSLR cameras, “Is a great place to start because it will teach you how to hold your camera, choose the right lens and the basics of composing a great photo. should know, from the operation and use of your camera to the basic principles of photography and composition techniques that also deserve your attention. Once you have learned the basics, Udemy also offers courses for intermediate users and advanced, with topics like night photography, Street photography, and transform photographs into digital paintings in Adobe Photoshop.

For budding professionals: sharing of skills

Skillshare digital photography course
Sharing of skills

If you are thinking of learning photography for your future career rather than a hobby, Sharing of skills ($ 19 / month) is a great place to start your journey. A good course to start with is “Fundamentals of DSLR PhotographyBut there are dozens of other courses suitable for beginners. If you already know the basics of photography and want to learn intermediate techniques, watch videos covering topics such as fashion photography, photojournalism, and build your brand on Instagram.

If you want to set up in digital photo editing, cinematography, or sell your photographs, Skillshare also has your back, with its robust course library for everything related to photography, publishing and marketing.

Foundations and challenges: Lynda

Lynda digital photography course

As you would expect from a premium education site, Lynda ($ 29.99 / month) offers a nice range of quality photography courses. Of course, the site offers great courses for beginners, like “Introduction to photography“and”Photographic foundations: ObjectivesTo help you create a solid foundation for your photography knowledge. It also offers tons of lessons on intermediate subjects such as masking and composition, lighting and black and white shooting.

One of the best things about learning digital photography online via Lynda is that there are challenges of community photography as good as weekly content containing advice, inspiration, discussions on new tools, etc. Lynda also offers learning paths, where you can get a set of courses specially organized to help you “Become a photojournalist” or “Become a portrait photographer“, So you don’t have to dig around in the hope of finding the right courses for your needs.

From photography on social media to publishing: Bluprint

Bluprint digital photography course

Whether you want to learn photography for fun or want to make a career out of it, you will want to learn everything in the field, from how to use your camera to how to market your work on social media, and Bluprint can help. You can purchase a single course through Bluprint for $ 19.99, or subscribe to the site for $ 7.99 / month or $ 39.99 / year.

Start with the “Basics of digital photographyWhere subjects such as light and exposure, shutter speed and lenses (among many others) are broken down into individual videos so you can learn more about each subject. Bluprint offers an excellent selection of niche photography courses. There’s a lot of basics of course, but it also covers topics and techniques that you can’t find on many other sites, like food photography, natural light for macro photography, boudoir photography, close up, nature photography, and even animal photography. Bluprint makes it easy to explore and discover the possibilities of photography.

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