Play Mobile Games Ad Free and In Peace with Airplane Mode

a large passenger plane flying at sunset
Yuichi Kosio / Flickr

For years, my main mobile gaming time has been on planes. It's only recently that I've discovered the impressive number of ad ads on mobile games. It turns out that the feet-on-the-ground fix offers you more than just ad-free play time.

Call me cheerfully naive if you want, but for a very long time, I just thought that my favorite mobile games did not have the same problem with ads everywhere most mobile games were. It turns out that was not the case.

The case was that when I was at home, I used a game console or PC to play; When I was not home to get to work, I played games on my iPhone on the plane. When you are in the plane, your phone is in airplane mode and you guessed it, when you're in airplane mode, there's no network access to stream and load ads. The application has no problem.

Back from a recent trip, I showed my family a puzzle game that I really enjoyed and I was surprised to see the well-crafted puzzle game with full screen ads (for the the most stupid Sims of cartoonist style that I've never seen playing) after every puzzle.

The solution? Put the phone in airplane mode and enjoy not only an ad-free gaming experience, but also a nice break between constant pings, blows and notifications that permeate modern life.

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