Play SuperHot VR Endlessly in a Free Boxing Day Update

An in-game screenshot of Superhot VR, with enemies chasing the player.
Superhot team

Superhot has been one of the most ingenious first-person shooters in years. Time only seems to move when you do, turning a fast paced game into a slow paced chess and gun game. The virtual reality version is really terrifying. And now you can download endless mode update for free.

Typically, in Superhot, you make your way through a vague storyline with set levels. The big red enemies try to kill you with shurikens, guns or just their fists if they can get close enough.
The thing is, time slows down to almost stop when you’re not moving. You can look around, plan a strategy, even dodge bullets by standing still long enough to figure out how to get out of the way. But as soon as you move or shoot a gun, time speeds up. One hit and you’re dead.

The console and PC versions of the game are fun, but the VR game really takes you in and makes your heart beat faster. I’m not ashamed to admit that I hit a wall in desperate panic on at least one occasion while playing the game.

The new “Boxing Day” brings you a new level in honor of the holidays. The aesthetic changes and you will see things like Christmas trees. But instead of a flat, predictable (and repeatable) level, this is more of an ‘endless runner’. Play until you die, and you’ll get a score for how many enemies you’ve killed, how you’ve killed them, and whether you’ve dodged attacks.

Best of all, the new level is free. If you already own Superhot VR, you’re good to go. The update is already available for Pc, PSVR and Quest, then just check the latest version. And maybe stay away from the walls. And as a bonus, you’ll get fixes to fix some bugs and add a new pause menu to the game. Download it today.

Source: Superhot team via UploadVR

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