Plex Makes Live TV Free for Three Months

The Plex Live TV interface, with several programs available.Plex

If you have a Plex Media Server but don’t have a Plex Pass, we have good news for you. For the next three months, the company will Free live TV streaming function—No Plex password required. You will still need a antenna and tuner, but you’ll have plenty of time to decide if the functionality is worth the price.

You may be wondering why you even bothered to operate live TV via Plex instead of plugging your antennas directly into your TV. The latter option is undoubtedly cheaper, but it’s also a terrible experience. You won’t have a guide to quickly see your channels, and you can only watch live shows (unless you buy more equipment).

Plex, meanwhile, provides an interface to navigate your channels and see what is displayed. And more importantly, you record Live TV (assuming you have a NAS or a hard drive connected to your media server).

With Plex TV, you can watch live shows from any of your devices (not just your TV), and shoot your DVR and watch it anytime or anywhere. Unfortunately, while Plex makes Live TV free for three months, does not include DVR functionality.

But, for free, you can get a good idea of ​​how the service works and how it is used. Then you can still upgrade to the Plex Pass for $ 5 a month to take advantage of the DVR feature. Or look for a sale on Plex Pass lifetime passes.

You will need equipment, especially an antenna and a tuner compatible with your multimedia streamer. To support the effort, Plex offers sales on a few lots to move you forward.

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