Plex Releases Two Premium Apps to Manage Your Music and Your Server

Four screenshots from the Plex Dash appPlex

Plex, one of the best ways to store and broadcast your legally acquired movies and TV shows, has a pair of new apps for Plex Pass subscribers. If you store music on your server, Plexamp gives you a nice interface to play your songs. And the second application, Plex Dash, allows you to manage your server from your phone. No local web page required.

Plex is great for many things, especially for organizing your movies, TV shows, and music. The fact that it gives you easy access to film art, themed songs and legends really makes your collection look like a professional streaming network.

But managing the server is not the best experience. To work with your server, you need to open a browser, navigate to a local web page, and use a technically functional but not pretty interface. It’s worse if you’re using a smartphone browser.

And that’s what makes Plex Dash so exciting. It is an application for your phone designed for the express purpose of managing your Plex server. You can manage the illustrations attached to your shows, view your game history and, most importantly, search for new media and correct incorrect matches.

Correcting incorrect Plex matches from the browser is a lesson in frustration. Easy access from a smartphone app should make a huge difference. If you subscribe to the Plex Pass, you can download it from Android and iOS today.

Four screenshots from the plexamp app.Plex

If, however, your tastes are more musical, Plex has you covered with the newly renovated Plexamp. The company released the first version of Plexamp years ago but then neglected to update it.

In fact, this is because Plex decided to rebuild the application from scratch. The new version is the culmination of 110 beta versions and includes a multitude of new features. Music illustrations are now reformatted to look good when you are browsing and listening to a song.

You also get recent playlists, offline mode, mix builders, and search functions.
Like Plex Dash, Plexamp requires a Plex Pass subscription. You can download it iOS, Android, the Windows, macOS, and Linux today.

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