Polaroid's New $99 Camera Sports an Iconic Look and Shakey Pictures

A white Polaroid camera on a rainbow striped background.Polaroid

Almost a decade ago, Polaroid died (again). But a company, then known as Impossible project, said it would do, well, the impossible. It would bring back Polaroid. Now the company is renamed Polaroid and gives us a new camera: the $ 99 Polaroid now. It has an autofocus lens and a double exposure function, but beyond that you will find everything that makes Polaroid cameras great. And bad.

Decades ago, the promise of Polaroid was simple: snapshots. It sounds strange now, but at the time, you had to take photos on film cameras, take this film at the store and have your photos printed. It could take days or more. It is only after waiting that you find out that someone was blinking or that you were cutting someone else’s head off.

The idea of ​​getting a photo now was incredible. Even if these photos were rather horrible. Now we have cameras attached to our phones and we can see the results instantly. So Polaroid died because it didn’t seem necessary.

But anything old can become new again, especially when nostalgia plays a role in purchasing decisions. The Polaroid Now is a distinct nostalgia game.

If you’ve ever owned a Polaroid camera, you’ll instantly recognize it as “the real deal.” It looks good, feels good and even works properly. This includes the use of an instant film based on the original Polaroid film.

It has a few new features, including an autofocus camera and a double exposure effect. But beyond that, it’s a Polaroid camera.

The edge already has an opinion on, and that does not give a pretty picture (no pun intended). It seems that the photos produced by the Polaroid Now are sometimes blurred, the film can produce unsatisfactory results and what you get is not up to par with your camera phone.

But it sounds like a precise recreation of a Polaroid camera for us. You know what you’re getting into if you buy one. And you can buy one today Polaroid website. It is available in black and white, and for a limited time you can also get it in orange, yellow, red, green and blue.

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