Pregnancy Tracking Is Coming to Garmin Watches

A woman is holding her pregnant belly while wearing, uh, a romper? Jumper? I do not know what it is. A Garmin watch and the Connect app are on the side showing the new pregnancy tracking features

Garmin smartwatches and fitness trackers help users track a ton of metrics outside of simple workouts, providing alerts about your stress level, fitness, energy, rest, and fatigue. However, more recently the company has incorporated menstrual cycle tracking, which has now expanded to include pregnancy tracking.

This feature will allow users to track their baby’s progress week after week, including height, development and nutritional needs. This aid is not designed to replace a doctor, of course. This is simply an additional resource provided due to popular demand.

Gamin watches typically focus on health and fitness, but the new pregnancy tracking feature will allow for more personalization. For example, users will be able to pause workout status updates and adjust heart rate alerts, which may fluctuate more drastically than usual during pregnancy.

Using the Gamin Connect app, users will be able to set reminders for themselves to drink more water and can record information like baby movements, blood sugar levels, etc. These notes can be easily shared with a doctor during regular check-ups. The app also includes a contraction timer for when the time comes.

Since the feature is part of menstrual tracking, it will be available on any watch that supports these features, including Garmin Venu, vivoactive, Forerunner, and Fenix ​​watches. Vivomove users will also be able to track their pregnancies using the Women’s Health Tracker widget.

Source: Garmin

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