Quick Tip: Plex Servers Are Easy With NVIDIA Shield Pro Android TV

An Nvidia Shield Pro in front of a Plex user interface

If you own a ton of DVDs, digging them up to watch a movie or show you love can be painful. And that’s why you should consider scanning them and creation of a Plex server. Setting up a Plex server is like making your own personal Netflix for what you own. Previously, assembling the hardware was either expensive or complicated, or both. But with a Nvidia Shield Pro, it couldn’t be easier to set up your own Plex server.

Is it easy? The hardest part of the Plex hardware itself will be purchasing the Nvidia Shield Pro. AT $ 200 on average (sales take place!), this is not a cash level for coffee and snacks. But at the same time, it is also much cheaper than a complete computer system dedicated to the simple distribution of your content. And thanks to the configuration of its mobile processor, it is also more energy efficient to run all the time. You will also want to take a heavy hard drive (or two) to hold all your scanned films. Or better yet, take a NAS and one two huge hard drives.

Once you’ve purchased the Shield Pro, setting up the Plex software is as easy as pressing an install button in the Play Store and then signing in with an account. It’s much easier than turning a Raspberry Pi in a serverand you will get better results. A Raspberry Pi Plex server will struggle to keep up with all Blu-ray quality rips. But the Nvidia Shield Pro can handle them like a champ.

The first time you log into Plex, it will notice that you are on an Nvidia Shield Pro and offer to set up a Plex server. Just follow the prompts; you’ll be done before you know it. If that sounds complicated, the folks at Plex have come together a quick guide. Don’t forget to go to the Shield’s settings and give it access to your external hard drive or NAS unit.

After that, the tedious process begins. You will need to digitize all of your DVDs and place them on your hard drive or NAS. You’ll also need to be careful about naming them correctly, as this will allow Plex to automatically sort them and add episode titles, artwork, and more. But don’t worry, our partner site, How-To Geek, has a great explainer on the process.

If you already have an Nvidia Shield Pro and a ton of DVDs, there’s no reason not to set up a Plex server. You can watch your content from home and on the go, from your Smart TV, your game console or even your phone and tablet. And you’ll never have to worry about receiving the dreaded notification of your favorite show again leaving your streaming service. Take care of it!

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