Quick Tip: You Can Stream Your PC Games to an Xbox One, Series X, or Series S

PC and Xbox Series X Gaming Playing Cyberpunk

Playing PC games on your TV is all the rage these days, with services like Luna and Stadia providing easy entry into cloud gaming. But if you already have a gaming PC and a huge collection of games, maybe you’d rather not pay for another subscription. If you also have a recent Xbox, that’s a snap.

Windows 10 has the ability to send its display output to different screens and devices. With the official Microsoft wireless display tool, which includes all models of the Xbox One and the new Xbox Series X / S. Once connected, you can use your Xbox controller as a mouse for the Windows desktop , launch the game of your choice (on Steam, Epic, even individual installers), and use the controller as if it were connected directly to your computer.

Xbox streaming example screenshot Microsoft

Install the wireless display app on your Xbox from the Microsoft Store to get started. Once installed on your Xbox, go to your PC. Press Windows + A button to open the “Action Center”, then click the “Connect” icon. Your Xbox will appear in the list, so click on it. Click the “Allow Typing” option that appears, and you are ready to begin.

The wireless display will work with any device running Windows 10, but obviously laptops and gaming desktops will be able to get the most out of it. You can also use non-gaming apps, but some protected video streaming services like Netflix will not show on the remote screen. It’s possible to do this over Wi-Fi, but you’ll have much lower latency and fewer streaming issues if you connect both your computer and your Xbox to your local network using Ethernet cables. Even with an ideal setup, some super fast games like Rocket League might not be playable.

It can also work in reverse: you can access games on your Xbox through your PC using the official Xbox app for PC in the Microsoft Store. This is different from Game Pass streaming: it uses the console on your local network and does not require a subscription.

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