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If you send emails to your phone, scanning actions can help you navigate your inbox a lot faster. Here's how to use them in Outlook and how to change them if the default values ​​do not suit you.

To drag an email into Outlook, place your finger on it and move it to the right ("swipe right") or left ("swipe left"). By default, swipe to the right removes an e-mail (move it to the Deleted Items folder) and to the left to move an e-mail to your Archive folder. This could be enough for you. In this case, thank you for reading this very short article, and we hope it has been helpful to you.

If, however, you want to change the default scan actions – or disable them completely – read on. There are different scanning actions that you can choose in Outlook:

Wipe off: Move the email to the Deleted Items folder.
Archive: Move the mail to the Archive folder.
Mark as read: Mark the message as read, but do nothing else.
Move at Folder: Displays a list of your mailbox folders so that you can move the email.
Flag: Adds a task indicator to the e-mail.
Program: Mask the email until the time you specify.
Read and archive: Mark the message as read, then move it to the Archive folder.
No: This effectively disables the scanning action.

You can apply any of these actions to the action drag left or right, and even apply the same action to left and right scans. This is ideal if sweeping is not your thing and you want to change the left and right slip to "None".

To change the sweeping actions, tap the hamburger menu at the top left of the application.

The hamburger icon in the Outlook e-mail application

At the bottom left, touch the "Settings" wheel.

The parameters cog

In the Mail section near the top, tap Scan Options.

This displays the current scan actions. We will modify the action "Swipe to the right" by pressing the large option "CHANGE" on the right side.

The default scan actions and the Edit option

This brings up the scan options. At the top, it shows you whether you are changing the "Swipe Right" or "Swipe Left" option, and highlights the current sweep action you have configured. We will change our action to "Plan" by tapping on it.

Scanning options showing the current action and all possible actions

This closes this panel and takes you back to the Sweep options, where you can see that the action has been changed to "Schedule".

When we return to the Inbox and sweep to the right, the Schedule action is displayed.

The planning action applied to an email in the inbox

That's all we can say about it. You can change your scanning actions at any time. If you're afraid to move or delete an email without noticing it, Outlook offers to cancel a move action for five seconds after you scan. (This will also be displayed after you delete an email because it is moved to the Deleted Items folder.)

The cancellation option displayed after moving a courier

Some useful tips:

The Archiver action, which is the default left scan action, does not mark your email as read. This is great if you want to move your unread mail to the archive for later reading, but if you want to mark it as read and then move it, you must change the left scan action to "Read and Archive."
The Schedule option only works in the Inbox. We like this feature because it hides your mail until the time chosen by your recipient, which is great for quickly removing items from your immediate view without losing sight of their content. Planning is a great example for technology to take care of boring things (do not forget to process mail later), so you can do some interesting things (other than reminding yourself to process an email the week next).

In general, the Outlook client and web application have much more power and functionality than the mobile application, as expected. However, dragging actions, especially when using a tablet or touch screen monitor, is one of the things we would definitely like to see on the next iteration of the Outlook client and the web application.

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