Raspberry Pi Press Unveils a Computer Repair Book for the Tech-Intolerant

A photo of 'Help! My computer is broken ”.Raspberry Pi press

Fix your family’s computer and they’ll leave you alone for the day. Give your family the Help me! My computer is broken repair book and… well, they may still need your help. The latest book from Raspberry Pi Press, written by the brilliant Barry collins, discusses common computer problems and repair solutions for those intolerant to technology.

For $ 10, help! My Broken Computer is a passive and aggressive last-minute gift. It uses fun illustrations, sarcasm, and English (in place of techno-gobbledygook) to solve common tech issues like overheating and low battery life. The book also discusses minor annoyances, such as a computer that falls asleep too often.

You can order a copy of Help! My computer is broken by the Raspberry Pi Press online store, or download a free PDF version at Wired. People in the UK can pick up a copy in person at Cambridge Pi store.

Be sure to check out the Raspberry Pi Store Black Friday offer—When you buy one book from the store, you get two more for free!


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