Razer Kishi for iPhone Now Available, Even If Streaming Games Aren't

Razer Kishi for iPhoneRazer

Few months ago we reviewed the Razer Kishi, a nice little Android controller made in association with GameVice. It’s especially noteworthy now that streaming game services like Google Stadia and Xbox Game Pass are exploding … which makes it especially sad that the Kishi is now on the iPhone, where these services are. remarkable for their absence.

Still, the Kishi is awesome, and it’s great that it’s now available for the iPhone for a myriad of games and mobile ports. It includes all of the standard inputs of a typical console controller, including the often elusive L3 and R3 click buttons, and its direct Lightning connection means it doesn’t need a battery or Bluetooth.

It’s also surprisingly portable for such a comfortable controller, as it shrinks down to about the size of a computer mouse. If you need a load boost while you’re playing, there’s a secondary Lightning port on the controller itself.

Razer Kishi for iPhoneRazer

The iPhone version of the Kishi is more expensive than the $ 100 Android version. Also note that since it uses a direct connector, it is not compatible with iPads or other gadgets. It works with iPhones from the latest iPhone 11 Pro Max up to iPhone 6 Plus. You can order one now.

Source: Razer via Engadget

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