Razer's Naga Pro Mouse Offers Swappable Thumb Clusters and High-Speed Wireless

Razer Naga ProRazer

The Razer Naga is a popular choice for gamers who need tons and tons of buttons on their mouse, for RTS or MOBA gaming. The Naga Trinity makes it even more versatile, with interchangeable clusters for the thumb buttons that feature a shot layout and radial layout. Razer’s newest Naga, simply titled “Pro”, combines it all with super-fast wireless.

This version of the long-running series changes the seven-button circular keypad for a more boring but more functional six-button grille, which looks almost identical to that of the Logitech G604. Thus, the three interchangeable clusers offer two buttons for shooters, twelve for MOBAs and six for everything else. Of course, you can program the buttons for hotkeys or macros in Razer’s Synapse driver software, saving different profiles to the mouse. Razer’s site has recommended button layouts for popular games, like this one for Fortnite:

Razer Naga Pro Fortnite LayoutRazer

Other features include a 20,000 DPI mouse sensor, optical switches on the main buttons and Razer’s proprietary Hyperspeed patch wires, as well as bluetooth and wired connections. Razer claims 150 hours of battery life on Bluetooth or 100 hours on the faster Hyperspeed connection. The Naga Pro now ships from the Razer online store for $ 150.

Source: Razer

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