Return Amazon Gifts Guilt Free; The Gift Giver Will Never Know

An Amazon parcel in someone's trunk, being returned.

Stuck with a gift or two that you don't like? Well, if it's from Amazon, you're in luck! You can return most gifts by following these easy steps. And the best part? The donor will never know!

Many people do not realize that when you return an Amazon gift, the money goes directly to you. If you have an Amazon account, the funds will be charged to the balance of your gift card once you return the item. Then you can buy anything you want, without the donor being hurt that you don't like the original item (unless they come and ask for it see, then you're in trouble).

First, check if your gift is accompanied by a gift receipt or an order number. If you have one, you can start your return here.

If a friend or relative sent you something but didn't select "gift" when ordering, or if no order or receipt number is included, don't worry! Chances are you can still return the item, all without the donor knowing (and the money is back!). Start by contacting Customer service, telling them that you received a gift, but an order number was not included. They will ask you for the donor's email address (I hope you have access to it!). After that, the navigation should be smooth.

Unfortunately, items purchased from a third party Amazon seller must be returned by the original buyer– Meaning that you will not be able to return these items by yourself (bummer). You can check if this is the case by searching for the item on Amazon or by contacting customer service.

You will then have the opportunity to return your unwanted gift. Most Amazon returns are now via UPS, although you can return some Amazon gifts to Kohl & # 39; s if you have an order number. Customer service will let you know your options. And you don't even have to pack the item, they will do it for you!

Overall, dealing with unwanted gifts (well, those that came from Amazon) has become much easier! Go ahead and get what you really want.

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