Ring's New $100 Smart Doorbell Packs HD Video, Night Vision, Custom Motion Zones

A photo of the Ring video doorbell.Ring

Ring’s original video doorbell, launched in 2014, is undergoing a major upgrade. The new video doorbell includes 1080p video (versus 720p), adjustable motion zones, improved night vision and a new privacy zone setting to block certain areas of the camera view. It ships on June 3, but you can pre-order it today for $ 100.

The new video doorbell works with a wired connection or a rechargeable battery. You can also associate it with the new Ring $ 50 solar charger frame to prevent you from manually recharging the video doorbell. Like Ring’s doorbell 3, the new entry-level video doorbell supports two-way conversation with noise canceling and has an updated wireless range.

It should be noted that the new video doorbell is almost identical to the one abandoned by Ring Video doorbell 2, which sold for $ 200. If you’re looking for a used or refurbished 2 doorbell, you might want to use the new $ 100 video doorbell instead. Again, it ships on June 3, but is available for pre-order now. You can also order Ring’s $ 50 solar charger mounting bracket on the company’s website.

via Engadget

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