Roku Unveils Five Music Channels and Makes Ten Premium Series Free to Watch

A Winter StreamingLand logo on a snowflake.

Whether you are a cable subscriber or a cord cutter, the quality of television depends on the content you can watch. Roku, the streaming stick that does everything but HBO Max, knows it and wants to help. The company plans to add five music channels to its lineup and access ten series of premium channels like Showtime and Starz.

The additions are part of the news “Winter streamland”Driving to make the holidays more joyful. Or at least full of something to pass the time. If you’re in the mood for music, Roku says you can find the following new ad-free station:

  • iHeart Christmas
  • IHeart Christmas Classics
  • IHeart Christmas Country
  • IHeart Christmas R&B
  • iHeart Christmas Rock

But if you want to watch something, you have even more options. Roku has worked with companies to unlock TV series that would typically require a subscription to access them. You don’t even need an account. From the rest of December, you can watch:

  • The case (SHOW TIME)
  • Office (SundanceNow)
  • City on a hill (SHOW TIME)
  • George gently (AcornTV)
  • A divided house (Urban cinema chain)
  • Blaze and the Monster Machines (Caboche)
  • The L word: Generation Q (SHOW TIME)
  • Ray donovan (SHOW TIME)
  • Restaurant (SundanceNow)
  • The spanish princess (STARZ)
  • Work in progress (SHOW TIME)

And if it’s a movie you’re looking for, Roku has it covered as well. From now until December 13, you can watch A majestic Christmas and

Marry santa claus on Hallmark Now Movies for free. And you have until December 31st to watch Love at the Christmas table for free on the Lifetime Movie Club channel.

Naturally, all the freebies will disappear, so enjoy while it lasts.

Source: Roku via Cord Cutter News

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