Row Yourself in Shape With VR Fitness App Holofit, Coming to Oculus Quest

A person rowing in a virtual snowy environment.Holodia

It’s that time of year, in particular, the start of it! And with the New Year, we all make resolutions to get organized, learn a new skill, and lose weight. If the latter is you and you’re a fan of VR, Holodia has some great news for you. The company brings its famous VR Fitness Bike and Rowing Program, Holofit, at Oculus Quest.

Holofit has been around for some time, but it has high and heavy demands. To get the most out of it, you’ll need a stationary bike or elliptical system with an attached cadence sensor, or a compatible rower. You’ll also need a Holofit subscription, of course. Then you will need a VR headset and a powerful connected PC.

I don’t know about you, but the idea of ​​moving my gaming PC next to my rower every time I want a good workout sounds ridiculous. You can try using a wireless solution, such as Virtual Desktop, but this introduces latency. And that’s a shame, because the training features seem to be worth a look.

Like Supernatural, Holofit is a virtual reality-based fitness app that requires a subscription. But instead of turning Beat Saber into a full exercise program, Holofit tries to make your stationary exercise equipment less boring. Stationary bikes and rowers will never resist being on the road or in the water. You miss the feel of the wind and the pretty views.

Holofit will not give you the feeling of the wind, but will give you some pretty views. In the app you will be transported to distant places with snow capped mountains or endless oceans. And it’s not just the environment around you that is improved; the game also scans you as an avatar. So when you look down you will see your feet or hands on the oars, at least digital versions of your limbs.

Coming to Oculus Quest 2 means Holofit can run without a connected PC or latency issues. You’ll also have less weight on your head, which will quickly start to matter as the sweat builds up. Holofit subscriptions cost € 9.90 per month (just over $ 12) or € 108 per year (around $ 133). The app will arrive on the Oculus Quest store on January 7.

Source: Holodia

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