Samsung Announces the End of Its XR Service and VR Video Apps

A Samsung Gear VR and a controllerSamsung

The Samsung Gear VR, produced in collaboration with Oculus, was once a shining beacon in the arid land of virtual reality. But Oculus Quest has long assumed this role, and Gear VR was abandoned in 2019. Now the final nails are in Samsung’s VR coffin – Samsung is kill its XR service and its VR video applications.

Samsung’s XR service was a curiosity in the VR world. He provided a mix of videos and 360-degree images to enjoy. So it was more of an experience than a game or an application. You can buy premium videos or download your own for other users to enjoy.

“Might” being the keyword – as of today, this is no longer an option. The company has announced plans to close the XR service and VR Video apps for Oculus Quest, Go and Quest. The company has ended the ability to download or purchase premium content from the XR service effective today.

You’ll have a little more time to enjoy Samsung’s VR video apps; these will remain operational and available for download until June 30 when Samsung deletes the apps from the stores.
On September 30, the XR service will be completely closed and Samsung will delete all user accounts. Since Samsung has already stopped manufacturing the Gear VR, the company’s VR ambitions seem to be dead.

Source: Samsung via XDAD Developers

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