Samsung Announces 'The Premiere,' a Compact 4K HDR Ultra Short Throw Projector

A projector directly against the wall displaying a large image.Samsung

Projectors are a great way to get a home theater experience without leaving the house. You can get a big screen that looks good from almost any angle. But, most spotlights require high ceilings and a lot of space, and you will face shadows when someone is standing up. Samsung’s next projector, dubbed The Premiere, avoids these problems by projecting a 130-inch image from a distance of a few inches.

Ultra Short Throw (UST) projectors use lasers instead of traditional bulb technology to create an incredibly bright, large-scale image from a short distance. You can place the projector directly in front of the wall while still getting a “screen” well over 100 inches.

The first is no different in this regard. You can get it in one of two models, the LSP7T and LSP9T, which can stream a 4K image up to 120 inches or 130 inches, respectively. But Samsung’s view on UST differs a bit from other models available today.

A projection of a giant painting a few centimeters from the wall.Samsung

First of all, the LSP9T is the first projector to be HDR10 + certified, thanks to triple laser technology and 2,800 ANSI lumens. In theory, this should allow The Premiere to deliver dark contrasts that other projectors struggle to achieve. (The LSP7T does not come with the same claim.)

And since this is a Samsung product, both models come with Samsung’s Smart TV platform, which gives you access to streaming services like Netflix and Hulu. Premiere projectors also have built-in woofers and Acoustic Beam surround sound. This means you can skip the full audio system setup if you prefer.

Over the past few months, we’ve seen how consumers are spending more time at home and how the role of daily living continues to evolve. Television has become the hub of entertainment, fitness partner, colleague and news source, ”said Jongsuk Chu, executive vice president of visual display activities at Samsung Electronics. “The Premiere reinvents the home theater experience with an all-new compact design, 4K picture quality and powerful sound for tight spaces that can be used for all home activities and living room settings.

With a UST 4K HDR projector, you get a large, high-quality picture without the need for a large space to accommodate all your media components. Even a small apartment with a large enough wall can benefit from it. The projectosr even includes UHD Director mode which turns off motion smoothing (AKA the soap opera effect), so you can enjoy a movie the way the director intended. According to Samsung, The Premiere is the first projector to include Filmmaker mode.

Samsung is announcing that it will launch The Premiere in the United States, Europe, Korea and other regions later this year. The company said it would announce the prices at a later date.

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