Samsung Galaxy S20: How to Edit and Disable Edge Panels

Samsung Galaxy S20 Edge panel settings
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Dash panels on the Samsung galaxy s20, S20 +, and S20 Ultra provide quick access to applications, calendars, tools such as the flashlight and much more. If you don’t use the feature, the always-present screen overlay can be quite annoying. Here’s how to edit, rearrange, add, and remove dashboards.

Change the dashboards on the Samsung Galaxy S20

The Galaxy S20 comes with the Apps, Smart Select and Tools Edge panels enabled by default. The personalization of each of these cards and the reorganization of the order in which they appear can be carried out directly via the overlay on the screen.

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First, locate the Edge panel on the home screen of your device. It doesn’t appear on this screenshot, but it sits on the right edge of the screen, a little near the top of the Galaxy S20. Slide inward on the thumbnail graphic.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Slide Open the dashboard

From there you can sweep between the edge panels. You can either press the “Modify” button (1) under the individual card to modify it, or select the Gear icon to access the Functionality Settings menu.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Press the gear icon or the Edit button

Now select the “Modify” button (1) under one of the available dashboards to modify each card individually.

Rearranging the order of the dashboards is as simple as long pressing one of the cards (2). This will bring you to a new “Rearrange” menu.

From there, drag each panel by the “” icon above it. Hit him Back or Home button to exit the menu. All changes will be saved automatically.

Samsung Galaxy S20 relocation panel to rearrange

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Disable Edge panels on the Samsung Galaxy S20

If you are simply not using the Edge Panel on your handset, remove it. The easiest way to do this is to swipe in on the screen overlay and open the panel from your home page.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Slide Open the dashboard

Then tap the Gear icon in the lower left corner.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Tap the gear icon

You are now in the “Dashboards” menu. Select the corresponding toggle to deactivate the function.

Rocker panel for Samsung Galaxy S20

You can also turn off Edge panels in the Settings menu of the Galaxy S20. Start by swiping down from the top of the device screen to open the notifications panel. Open the Settings menu by tapping the gear icon in the upper right corner next to the Power button.

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Samsung Galaxy S20 Tap the Gear Settings icon

Scroll down and select the “View” option.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Select the display option

Locate and press the “Edge Screen” button at the bottom of the list.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Select the Edge Screen option

Finally, select the toggle next to “Dashboards”. The icon will be grayed out when disabled.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Switch the dashboard from the Settings menu

Add Edge Panels to Samsung Galaxy S20

Reactivating the Edge panel or adding new maps to the quick access screen overlay is easy to do via the Galaxy S20’s Settings menu. To access it, slide your finger on the phone’s home screen to open notification shadow. From there, tap the Gear icon.

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Samsung Galaxy S20 Tap the Gear Settings icon

Locate and select the “View” option.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Select the display option

Scroll to the bottom of the menu and press the “On-Screen Display” button.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Select the Edge Screen option

Select the “Dashboards” option at the top of the list.

Finally, press the toggle at the top of the menu. This will activate the Edge Panels feature on your handset.

To add more items to your dashboard, select the circle above each card. The check mark in the blue circle indicates that the option has been activated on the phone.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Tap all panels to add them

Open the “Galaxy Store” by pressing the button at the bottom of the screen to browse the free and paid Edge panels. Additional modules available include Bixby, calculators, multimedia controls and much more.

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