Samsung Invests in "Fake Window" Lighting, a Perfect Addition to Any Fallout Shelter

SunnyFive prototype artificial windowSamsung

Anyone who has lived in an apartment or condo can tell you that many shared walls mean a shortage of windows, reducing your access to natural light. The start-up SunnyFive, recently favored by Samsung’s C-Labs investment and incubation program, hopes to solve this problem. The solution: false windows that produce simulated natural light. This guy probably approves.

The prototype of SunnnyFive is an LED wall lamp which imitates the shape and appearance of a real window, even if it is in frosted glass. The window control software can be configured to copy the actual day-night cycle lighting conditions, changing the brightness and color temperature to match the conditions of the outside world. The light from the window even changes direction.

Samsung promotional release says SunnyFive can “help users synthesize vitamin D … without having to worry about skin aging or sunburn”. Naturally, the color and intensity of the light can be adjusted via an app, like any other smart light. The video indicates that the prototype works with the Samsung brand SmartThings system.

Admittedly, this prototype lamp cannot do anything that you could not do for the moment with a bulb connected to Wi-Fi, motorized blinds and a little programming. But anyone who’s been stuck in their house for the past few months can attest to that: one way to stay sane in a small space is to know how you feel about it. There’s no word on pricing or the release of the SunnyFive concept, but something similar could appear in a Samsung presentation in a few years.

Source: Samsung via The edge

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