Samsung Is Giving Away Cans of Paint to Promote Its Artsy-Fartsy TVs

A banner showing Samsung's LivingColor interior paint. Samsung

Samsung wants to make its art Lifestyle TVs the center of your living room. And what better way to promote Serif, the Frame, and the rotation Sero TV, that with… free paint cans? Samsung LivingColour Paint Collection includes six shades that evoke positive emotions and complement expensive Lifestyle TVs.

Choosing paint is difficult, which is why Samsung has teamed up with color expert Karen Haller for their LivingColour paint collection. Karen selected two colors for each television: a strong color that matches the frame of the television and a complementary color for the accents.

Samsung has also partnered with influencers to model the paintings with their corresponding TVs. The framework looks especially good with airy beige paint while the Serif and the Sero stand out in cool blue rooms.

Londoners can head to Samsung’s King Cross concept store to pick up a few gallons of free paint on October 26. Samsung says supplies are limited, so mark your calendar and wake up early! Unfortunately, LivingColour paints are not available in the United States.

Source: Samsung via Engadget

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