Samsung's Latest Monitors are also Smart TVs and Wireless DeX Screens

Samsung smart monitorSamsung

Your TV isn’t just a TV anymore – it has Wi-Fi, apps, and maybe even a few games. Why should your monitor do less? That seems to be Samsung’s line of thinking with its new line of smart monitors. These are clearly intended for use with PCs, but also include features that make them smart TVs and standalone phone companions.

the Smart monitor includes all the basics of a budget PC monitor: two HDMI connections, USB-C with 65 watt charging for new machines, USB-A ports for connecting other gadgets. The displays themselves aren’t amazing, with standard resolutions of 1080p or 4K at 250 nits of brightness, with HDR10 certification. But on top of all that, you get a smart TV powered by Tizen, with access to the same apps and Wi-Fi connection of Samsung’s smart TV platform. It even includes a Bluetooth audio connection for its 5-watt stereo speakers, and naturally, it comes with a voice-activated remote control.

Samsung smart monitorSamsung

Monitors can handle just about anything a standard Samsung TV can, with the notable exception of a live antenna. They are also certified for Apple AirPlay 2, Chromecast (“App Casting”) or even more proprietary Tap Cast from Samsung from its Galaxy phones. Perhaps more impressive still, the smart monitor can wirelessly display Samsung’s DeX environment, a desktop interface for apps and files on a Galaxy phone.

The M7 Smart TV measures 32 inches with 4K resolution and will be available for a surprisingly reasonable price of $ 400 in December. The 27-inch and 32-inch M5 models, unfortunately using 1080p resolution and dropping the USB-C port, are expected to go on sale on Samsung’s website later today. They’ll cost $ 230 and $ 280 respectively – again, surprisingly cheap for the capacity.

Source: Samsung press via Engadget

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