Samsung's New Galaxy Z Flip 5G Will Cost $1,449.99

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5G in bronze color.

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip smartphone is an interesting beast. It is a full-size smartphone. But it’s also a clamshell-shaped flip phone. It’s big and it’s a pocket. But until now it didn’t have 5G support. Samsung will launch the Galaxy Flip 5G on August 7 for $ 1,449.99.

Not much has changed between the original Galaxy Z Flip and its 5G variant. On the outside, you would be hard pressed to find any differences. But internally there are a few upgrades.

First off, Samsung added 5G radios, of course, although you would have to be in an area with 5G service for that to count. Samsung also turned the processor into a faster Snapdragon 865 Plus. Finally, the company has upgraded the price: you’ll pay around $ 70 more for the 5G version than for the standard version.

The original Galaxy Z Flip won’t go away and it won’t see a price drop either. Pick the one that makes sense to you (probably or if you want a durable phone). Rumors are already circulating about an upcoming sequel to the Galaxy Z Flip, so it’s no surprise that this 5G variant hasn’t had any real changes. You can buy the phone in two colors, “Mystic Gray” and “Mystic Bronze”. Based on the company’s descriptions, the “Mystic” bit appears to be a matte finish.

Samsung says the Galaxy Z flip will ship on August 7 and will offer both carrier and unlocked versions. You can get it for AT&T and T-Mobile in the US, and you can buy it from Samsung’s website, Best Buy, and Amazon.

Source: Samsung

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