Season 2 of Battle Royale Game 'Fall Guys' Has Gone Medieval

Fall Guys Season 2

Colorful battle royale game Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout just published his Season 2 Updateand features new medieval and fantasy inspired games and costumes. Four new themed games are available to play today, with more coming soon. And other new features of the game have also been added.

New levels

The four new levels, which include Knight Fever, Wall Guys, Egg Siege, and Hoopsie Legends, bring new mechanics to medieval twists and turns on familiar levels. Knight Fever is also the level featuring the dreaded and crowdsourced named THICC BONKUS.

The Show Selector feature allows players to create an organized playlist of their favorite games to play, including time-limited events. There is also a party falling function for playing in groups that shows you all falling together as the game loads. Fall guys Also gets visual improvements, as well as emotes, celebrations, color palettes, and tile effects.

New costumes

Besides medieval levels there are of course medieval and fantasy costumes including wizards, jesters, knights and vikings. There will also be a random outfit generator for those who are undecided or lacking in creativity.

Nameplates and banners now allow for customizable signage, which is visible in spectator mode. PS4 gamers will also be able to adjust sensitivity and toggle optional X / Y axis inversion.

Fall guys is only a few months old and has already sold over 7 million copies on Steam and become the most downloaded PS Plus game (on PlayStation) all time. A mobile version of the fast-paced game was also recently announced.

Source: Mediatonics

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